1941 Frozen front is a new online game that is more popular in 2018. This is a new turn based war game. You can win the game by destroying the enemies tank and infantry. This is a excellent battle game which you can check in your browser directly. This game is having excellent graphics and is played by most of the online gamers. You can get the real taste of the game when you start playing it.

1941 Frozen Front Game

This game was designed in such a way that it works on all devices. The graphics and design of the game will be in a way that it looks like a mountains with full of ice and snow. So when a player starts playing the game, it attracts them a lot.

Description of 1941 Frozen front

Directs the German army in its conquest of the East or defends the mother Russia fighting for the Soviet side. Choose the right combat tactics and stand up as the best commander of Frozen front.

Ratings and Votes

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 43,466

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