5 tips for basketball game: If we train hard all week, we make 300 shots to the basket, we make 6 sets of trays daily, we are ready to meet our goals in the basketball game, but it arrives in day and it seems that we have not touched the ball all week. Here in this article we are going to provide some best tips for the basketball game which every basketball player needs to follow.

5 tips for basketball game

We are giving the 5 basketball tips that will surely help you to improve your game. We hope you enjoy them. Before going to play the game every player needs to see the tips and overcome their mistakes, that will definitely improve their strength.

5 Tips For Basketball Game

After doing some research we are providing the best tips for your basketball game. You can see the tips below. It is not necessary that every one needs to follow these tips but we say it will be helpful if you follow the tips.

1. Avoid sleeplessness one night before the game


The body is a machine. The more care you give to your body the better your body will respond to you while doing any task. Here the tasks are of doing any physical activity. So avoid sleeping late one day before the game, you will not have fatigue and you will not be able to perform correctly.

Make an effort to sleep up to 8 hours a day, this way you will be gaining more strength and more power. When the time comes you will notice the difference.

2. Not everything is basketball


Of course you can not stop thinking about basketball, but before an important game it is necessary that the body should relax, it is advisable to look for distractions that change or switch your mind for a good time. Some of the activities that anyone can do are below:

— To read a good book.
— Go for a walk with your pet.
— Visit a family member you have not seen for a long time.
— Watch a good movie.

There are many ways to get distracted, try before the day of the game and I promise that this game will be different for you, because you will be more focused.

3. Avoid heavy meals and drinks one hour before the game


This is one of the most common error of every basketball player, before a game starts don’t fill the stomach fully. This limits us in a big way, the food needs at least 3 hours to digest, it is not advisable to intake any food before an hour or before a game. The body will receive twice as much fatigue and will physically limit you.

Do not drink carbonated drinks while you play. The gas will make you feel heavy and lose concentration, resulting in a bad game for you and your team.

4. Perform warm-ups one hour before your game


The most important basketball advice of all. The warm-up before a game (and I do not mean the warm-up with 5 minutes to start).


For this reason professional players leave an hour early to pre-warm up. If you are a player it is important that at least you make 20 shots to the basket, with this you can score most of your shots. Return a habit to pre-warm up at least one hour before your game or you can arrive 30 minutes before you start.


Leave worries and start playing

When you are in your game you have to forget about the problems that exist outside the court, keep them in your backpack and go out and win the game. Forgetting yourself means that you must leave individualism, if you are a good player you will not have to throw all the balls to the basket, and also no need to worry about your teammates and they will do it for you.

Put into practice these useful tips for basketball and we promise that you will improve considerably, you will be ready and be alert all through the game. Oh, do not forget to train daily this is the key to every winner.


Hope you have got more points and more tips about how to play the game and how to perform before the start of the game. These are not the push ups for every player but in fact we say that these are some hidden tips that most of the players should follow. All these tips were provided by the winners of the basket ball game players. We have collected those tips and we are presenting here to our users.