Latest Results of Basket Ball Game Andhra Pradesh State

Hello Basketball Game visitors here is the result of the game that is played today in Andhra Pradesh State. If you are interested to play the game then you can see our results from below and contact the main organizers. This the game of the result that is played in the region Guntur and Vijayawada between the two group of players.

Match 1 Results

Team A Team B
18 Points 21 Points

Lead By 03 By Team B

Match 2 Results 

Team A Team B
12 Points 12 Points

Lead By 00

Match 3 Results

Team A Team B
24 Points 19 Points

Lead By 05 By Team A

AP Basketball Results

Find the AP Basketball result today and the Most regular results were updated in our site. We are providing the results of the basket game that is played in the AP region in Andhra Pradesh. Here in this game the two team players will be played the basket ball game in the form of a group in the region Andhra Pradesh so they call the game as AP Basket Ball game. Also you can search AP previous basketball result  from our basketball legends website.


Match 1 Process


Match 2 Progress


Match 3 Progress

   AP Basketball Previous Results

Date Team A Team B
2018: Tuesday: MARCH 22 A51 A04
2018: MARCH 20 A58 A20
2018: MARCH 18/a> A12 A71
2018: MARCH 16 A57 A82
2018: MARCH 15 A76 A54
2018: MARCH 14 A62 A46
2018: MARCH 13 A79 A01
2018: MARCH 10 A44 A42
2018: MARCH 09 A50 A62
2018: MARCH 08 A57 A47
2018: MARCH 07 A91 A88
2018: MARCH 05 A58 A51
2018: MARCH 03 A22 A09
2018: MARCH 01 A86 A89
2018: FEBRUARY 30 A26 A55
2018: FEBRUARY 28 A70 A46
2018: FEBRUARY 27 A18 A05
2018: FEBRUARY 25 A01 A74
2018: FEBRUARY 23 -- --
2018: FEBRUARY 22 A35 A53
2018: FEBRUARY 21 A59 A19
2018: FEBRUARY 19 A42 A33
2018: FEBRUARY 18 A03 A93
2018: FEBRUARY 17 A60 A16
2018: FEBRUARY 16 A00 A24
2018: FEBRUARY 15 A33 A01
2018: FEBRUARY 14 A86 A19
2018: FEBRUARY 11 A54 A92
2018: FEBRUARY 09 A16 A53
2018: FEBRUARY 08 A08 A09
2018: FEBRUARY 07 A23 A92
2018: FEBRUARY 06 A51 A24
2018: FEBRUARY 05 A85 A92
2018: FEBRUARY 04 78 12
2018: FEBRUARY 03 A93 A90
Wednesday November 14th A89 A59
Tuesday November 13th A32 A17
Monday November 12th A23 A86

Information About Game:

The game which is a outdoor game called as the basketball game is played is some regions of the country India. This game is played in the north and south regions of the India. In this south region only the two states are conducting this game. In that, one of the state is Andhra pradesh. With in this state only the major cities are allowing to play the game.

The cities like Vijayawada and Guntur are conducting these basket ball games. There are Many Teams are playing in this game. The teams belongs to the same region. This game is conducted according to the indian time in the evenings like at 4.30 PM and at 5.30 PM. Some times the game may be dealyed too.

In this two opponent teams will play the game at certain interval of time like for 1 hour. The team who wins the more points will be the winner. In the above table you can see the points of the game. It is represented like A56 and A34 it means the last digits are the team scores and the first letter is the region. As it is AP so they keep the number starting with A.

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