Are you ready to play basketball? You can practice dribbling, free throws, and math in these free basketball games. Play as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal or another of your favorite players. Or if what you want is to laugh, enter the court like a puppet. In addition to all realistic sports action, we also have very funny games. The best for those who have a great sense of humor. You can also choose to have everything in the “neighborhood” and play challenges one by one. Do you like fashion more than sports? You can dress the players in spectacular uniforms instead of getting on the court.

basketball arcade

You can also get ultraportable and choose a mixed game. Do you want to see the famous footballer Messi, trying to play basketball? Now you can do it. By last, Things can get complicated in the most difficult (and chaotic) games in which the hoops move. There are a lot of different ways to test your luck on the virtual court while exercising your motor coordination. You can almost feel the ball on your virtual fingers, it does not matter if you’re on a computer, phone or tablet.

About Basketball

Basketball Arcade is a fun game in which you can demonstrate your skills as a basketball player making shots from any corner. Start by selecting your favorite team and make as many pitches as you can before the time runs out. Get as many points as you can. You have a total of 20 balls with which to demonstrate what you are capable of. Have fun.

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Game Controls

  • W A  S D to move
  • Space bar to skip
  • Mouse to point
  • left mouse button to shoot