Basketball training is something which we all have to do learn if we want to become a good player. But sometimes our time does not allow us to pay much attention. So here I leave you 5 tips on which you should focus if you want to train basketball alone or with a training partner.

basketball training


Training alone means that you are responsible for the exercises you are going to do, so you can start by making a list of all the exercises you know and sort them according to the technical gesture that will help you to improve. For example, if you know some of the exercises to improve the ball bounces, then group it together with the other exercises that are in the same section.

Once if you have all the exercises grouped together, then its time to make a weekly or monthly calendar depending on your objectives. This way you will have more control on you and you will be able to improve faster. With this way you will have more efficient basketball training.


It is important that at the time of training you always know that you are doing the exercise, this will help you stay focused at all times. Imagine that you are participating in a race, but they did not tell you where the goal is, they only told you to run until you see it in front of you, you will spend hours running without knowing how far you are from. The same goes for trainings. If you do not have a specific goal, you will be working on an exercise for weeks and weeks and you will feel that you are not progressing, which may discourage you and stop doing your exercises.


That is why you must set goals and objectives. For example, if your intention is to improve mid-distance shots you can start your workouts on a Monday and make a series of average shots from the positions you want. Write on a sheet the results, if you failed 8 of 10, then set the goal that the next time you will fail only 3 of 10. In this way you will notice your progress and this will keep you more focused on what you do.


Many times we confuse quantity with excellence. We must be clear that for some exercises the amount is not relevant, for example, when we are shooting basket sometimes we focus more on putting 100 shots to basket, we focus on the quantity and not on the quality of each of those shots. Remember that in any type of the game not the quantity is needed but the quality must be present.

Everything is summarized in a very simple sentence: there are good and bad ways of doing things. You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if the technique is wrong, you will only become an individual who is good at throwing badly.

I really like this phrase, summarize everything in so little. And what better reference that comes from one of the best players that have existed in basketball. If we want to improve we must put our attention on the small details that make up a correct technique, from the angle of the elbow to make an attempt to throw, to the exact position that must have the knees before releasing the ball.

The sum of each of these little things will give you a greater chance of dunk, even when your body is exhausted by the effort. Remember “Quality, not quantity”.


In the same way that you plan each of the routines, you must also prepare each of the exercises you will use during your training session. If you are going to shoot, you should know how long it will take you to make each of them.

Planning your exercises will allow you to order them from lower to higher physical demands. Many times we make the mistake of starting a workout hard, this causes us to run out and not have enough strength for the exercises that follow, as a result we do the wrong exercise and not with the correct technique as they should be.

Remember to Order your exercises from low to high intensity. You should always end up with the strongest, this will give you the feeling that your training was successful.


Give 100% in each of the exercises you do, but always remember quality over quantity. With the passage of time you will notice that you are dominating each of the exercises, this will allow you to print a little more intensity in each movement you make. Remember that all your workouts should be simulating a basketball game. This way you can get used to the pressure exerted by being in a real basketball game.


Without this point all your workouts have no sense, surely you are wondering what is mental toughness? Well, this is to be clear that sometimes things are not going to go as planned, surely you will practice a lot and at the time of the game you will not get anything you trained all week.

But, why have special attention in this part? Well, if you do not have patience surely by not seeing the results you want you will start to get discouraged and this will make your workouts stop. For this reason you should continue trying until you get the results you’ve been working for, it makes sense, if it were easy we would all be playing in the NBA and there would be no players like you again. Work hard and be patient while the results arrive.


Hope you have got an idea of how to train in a game and how to plan to learn a game, this is not the perfect thing to do if you have a trainer because they will train you according to their experience. Some times even your single effort can be more positive than their trainings. If you like this post you can simply share with your friends in the social networking sites.