One of the biggest misconceptions taught by coaches is that there are 5 positions in basketball. When in reality, there are only 4 Spots which is great to play. Before they call me crazy and send me to the nearest mental institution let me explain more about this topic more in detail.

Best 4 Positions of the BasketBall

Best 4 Positions of the BasketBall

The 5 positions that we are used to including are Base, Escort, Eave, wing pivot, and center. But if you look at the most successful teams. In some way, they really only have 4. So That makes me write this article which makes some sense for many readers.

Now lets us check the 4 spots which I’m going to talk about. These are:

The Base:

This is the leader. The general, the player who puts the offense. The player who bounces the ball at lightning speed and has a wonderful ability to pass the ball. Usually, this player starts throwing the ball since he takes his first steps. 5% of all players fall into this category.

The Big Guy:

This is the player who occupies the middle space. These players usually measure 2.10 cm tall. In high school, the real GRANDOTE measures 2 meters, although there are players who have high genes. If both parents measure 1.6 cm, the changes will be considered when they grow. So they do not qualify as high. Only 5% of all players fall into this category.

The Great Athlete:

This player is usually very versatile since he can play on the perimeter and make effective cuts towards the basket. Usually, the great athlete is notoriously aggressive so most of the time he ends up on the ground. His pure athleticism and toughness often compensate for the lack of fundamental basketball skills. These types of players can vary in height and are usually known as “WINGS”. 5% of all players fall into this category.

The shooter :

This is the Boy who can throw effectively from the key. This rare player is usually known as a destroyer of defenses and cold water runs through his veins. The shooter is known to be constantly making good shots even with opposition from the opposing defense. These types of players certainly make a difference in a game. 5% of all players fall into this category.

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As you notice, if you add up the percentages of the 4 positions, we only get 20% of the equation. So, in what other position is the other 80% of the players? Many times they are in the not so well-known position of “The Excluded”, These are those who are part of the team but are excluded from the coach’s plans.

Best Basket Ball Positions

Players who constantly mutter, “The coach did not like me, ” but let me tell you something. These players are right. A coach does not like these types of players because they do not contribute anything to the team on the court. Any coach will always prefer players with skills because they are the ones who produce what is necessary to win games. When you have little to give the coach, he usually has little to give you in return.

A player who is in the group of 80% is very likely to be cutting the team. This is the second reason why a sports career ends, the main killer of sports races are injuries.

It is illogical that a player who has been cut from a team to continue training in the same way. Since probably next year that he returns to another team will be cut again. Unless that player has grown 15 centimeters, can you expect to stay in the team doing the same and already worn things from before? Please understand that if this player were an excellent shooter and fell into one of the other three categories, that player would become a Super Star.


So my Ultimate Goal is to explain what I think is the best. I think these 4 spots are only the best spots in the basketball game. But coaches make explain the 5 spots which they are saying from years. My Moto in this article only to tell the things which I like the most. Hope you got some idea why I’m saying this.