Bike blast is a running game. You can jump and show all your sick tricks. Find a way to get as far as possible in the least amount of time possible. You will have a mega ramp at your disposal. Choose if you want to play like a girl or a boy and start shooting. The last time was a grandma running through the city, this time it’s a teenager riding his bike.

Bike Blast

These two cyclists are returning very fast to their city, but the road is full of barriers, buses and other things that you would not want to crash into. Can you help them not to fall off their bicycles and prevent them from getting hurt in this racing game?

Bike Blast Game Controls

  • Use left arrow key to move left
  • right arrow key to move right
  • up arrow key to move forward
  • down arrow key tomove backwards
  • Space bar to use the shield

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Invite your friends to play the game and show your driving skills by jumping and riding with the bike. Here you can play this game. Play and enjoy the game.