Cow Defender is a shooting game. Does Mars need cows? UFOs were detected in the skies of this peaceful agricultural town. It seems that they are willing to steal all the cows to take them to their planet. Get on your truck and protect them at all costs in this crazy action game. You must take the cows to a safe place and destroy the UFOs before they destroy all the village barns. An alien invasion kidnaps all your cows. Try to prevent it by picking them up one by one with your van until you get them safely to the airport in the city.

cow defender

Shoot the dangerous UFOs and protect your livestock. How many cows will you be able to rescue before your time runs out? Instead of competing and fighting your opponents, you’ll have to jump into your path of confidence and start saving individual cows against your alien enemies. The aliens are attacking your city. Buy individual parts of the world. The more you have, the more cows you can save. There are pretty realistic graphics, the UFO enemies are well designed and the game is great. Try to save all the cows.

Cow Defender Game Controls

  • WASD keys to move
  • Mouse to shoot
  • Shift to turbo
  • Space to skip

You can play this game on our website basketball legends unblocked 66. Simply open our site and click on the start button and play the game. Invite your friends to play the game. Have fun.