Basketball is a very serious game like basketball games unblocked and that only in those magical plays we find that the smile and good vibes appear among the players. The NBA is the pinnacle for any basketball player and is the show that brings players from all states and some foreigners to the courts, which has brought stars like Michael Jordan, Durant, Lebron James and Kobe to the ends of the universe. Bryant. There are many players who have delighted us with these special moves in which the mates usually take all the honors and the loudest applause. NBA Jam was and is a video game that bets on this kind of crazy mates, and this other, NBA Live Mobile, takes you on the other hand very different from the one we have today at the table, Dunkers.

Dunkers Unblocked Game

Overview of Dunkers Game:

Dunkers are the craziest, nerdy and carefree game that you can throw in your face today. A game that is based on physics so that in a strange and very funny way we can steal the ball to the contrary and we jump on the basket with a powerful jump so that our arms look more like wind blades that carry in that ball who has to finish scoring a great point. Dunkers come to Android to show that the laughs and good vibes are in high to have a great time with colleagues because to add more quality to this game, you can play games locally with your friends.

Dunkers: The Craziest Game Of The Moment:

A video game that is crazy in itself for its physics and that will allow you to launch the strangest dunks you’ve ever seen in your life. Just like a real match, the ball will be thrown up from the middle of the court and you will have to jump to Pau Gasol to take the advantage and prepare to make erratic movements. Unexpected turns and jumps that sometimes you will even go in the direction contrary to what you should go. But hey, in the end, you will dunk, even if you take the poor opponent who will end up rolling without being able to stand up meditating that he did wrong to find himself in such a position.

This is just Dunkers, the madness in a small and fun basketball game that advocates math as the most fun you have. You will be facing different opponents as you go overcoming it so that every time things get complicated. As you get points you can go unlocking new characters with which to unlock different dresses and customizations.

Play With A Colleague: The Fun Of Multiplying Exponentially:

One of the points in favor of Dunkers is that it has three game modes. You can play in arcade mode, campaign mode or locally to face a colleague. It is in this last mode where the game is in its sauce and in which you will enjoy greatly. If already in the arcade or campaign mode you get nervous laughter, in the place the cachondeo is maximum. The campaign mode will put you in the position of finding the glory of this sport, and in arcade mode, the maximum score will be your great goal. If it already had online mode would be simply spectacular, so it will be a matter of having the patience or wait for another game to imitate and put that way that would take the fun to unsuspected levels.

Dunkers is a one-on-one basketball game in which we can only score dunks. In fact, our players will not be able to shoot a basket, but just jump moving their arms with the intention of crushing the basket. And if by chance in a rebound the ball enters one of the baskets, it will not be worth, it can ONLY be won by doing the math. The control system of Dunkers is very simple: press the left part of the screen to go back and press the right part to make our player jump with his arms waving. The control of the characters is very chaotic, which helps considerably to make the game quite fun.

Game modes: In Dunkers, we will find several different game modes. We will have two game modes for one player, in which we can play against different opponents controlled by artificial intelligence; and a game mode for two players, in which we can compete against a friend using the same Android device. Dunkers is a basketball game as simple as crazy and fun. That its simple graphics section does not deceive you, is a perfect game to have a good time with a friend.

Game Controls:

  • Arrow Keys to move

Technical Quality:

Let’s see, in Dunkers, we are not looking for the best hyperrealistic graphics and the most real animations, but the opposite is found, funny graphics without much fanfare and animations that make us laugh more than leave us speechless without knowing what to say. This is where Dunkers plays his tricks and meets them perfectly.