Go kart pro is an epic racing game play game in basketball legends Unblocked. Hit the accelerator on board in a kart and collect all the coins on the road to increase your speed while leaving all your opponents behind. Will you manage to cross the finish line in the first position?

Go Kart Pro

This game offers you two game modes. A single player and a multiplayer mode. In this game, you must finish each race first, to unlock new heroes and tracks. Each character has his own cart. You need to use all available power-ups and collect as many points as you can. You can play with your friends.

Go Kart Pro Game Control

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • X key to power up
  • Space to break
  • Use C key to change camera
  • Use P key to pause

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Invite your friends to play the game. To play this no need to download the game simply come to our site and give a click on play button. Here you can play this game.