javelin fighting game, Javelin throw: Throw a javelin at the Olympic Games! Choose your favorite player to shake the spear, in an effort to set a world record. Each character has unique energy, endurance, power, and strength attributes. Train yourself before entering the real competition! Javelin Throw is one of our selected Sports Games.

Javelin fighting game

This has to be the best sport that exists! Your goal is to throw the javelin as far as you can. Use your right and left arrows and launch with space when you are ready.

Javelin Throw Games

In our website you will find the best collection of Javelin Throw Games! There are no less than 5 different Javelin Launch Games, such as: Maximus & Xtreme Spear Toss. Try to put a high score by reaching a new distance in this javelin game.

How to Play Game

  • First Visit our website basketballlegendsunblocked.net
  • Now enable the adobe flash player on your device.
  • Reload the game and click on the play button.
  • Thats it your game will start now.

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