Seek and Destroy is not like any other multiplayer game, play game in basketball legends unblocked. Take control of a military helicopter and fight other helicopters in fierce air battles. Carefully handle your altitude and the direction in which you move to avoid collisions and pay close attention to your surroundings. Master the skies and confront your enemies by launching all kinds of bombs and missiles.

Seek and Destroy

There is the possibility of showing your crazy skills in multiple crazy manoeuvres. Control your helicopter and try to get as far as possible. We believe that you will be able to do it and that you will eventually kill all your opponents. Connect to a separator that is close to your location so that you play with minimum latency. Only that can make the game as pleasant as possible.

Seek and Destroy Game Controls

  • WASD Keys to rotate
  • Arrow key to move
  • W key to Power Up
  • S to power Down
  • C to change camera
  • X to bombs
  • Z to keep or don’t keep Altitude
  • L to start or stop of Engine

It is a multiplayer shooting game where you have to show your skills and destroy enemies helicopter. Play and enjoy the game.

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