Slope Ball is a 3D game like basketball games unblocked, in which you will have to react quickly. Swipe fast through lots of flying platforms. Take momentum and fly over the stage as long as you can to improve your score. Avoid falling into the void and hit the walls of the road while you collect all the diamonds on the road.

Slope Ball

In Slope ball game, You will control a ball that is always advancing and your goal will be to point it at the platform below you. It will not be so easy with the speed with which the ball is descending, but it can be done. You must be careful with the red obstacles because if you touch them, the game ends. You should also collect the diamonds. The game is divided into a classic mode or an endless mode. The classic mode is divided into levels, the endless is not. Apart from that, you can also finish secondary missions.

Slope Ball Game Controls

  • Drag left mouse button to move the ball left and right

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