Space Blaze is an amazing shooting game, play game in basketball legends unblocked where you have to control a large spaceship and take on waves of enemy ships for control of outer space. Dodge their attacks and try to collect all the stars to buy new ships much more resistant. Ready to learn dodge and their attack.

Space Blaze

In this game, you need to neutralize everything that moves. Be very careful and find a way to get as far as possible. The game offers a lot of levels where you should try to win, but be careful and try to be on top of everyone else. Always check your health bar. You can tank some hits, but not a complete flood of them.

Space Blaze Game Controls:

  • WASD or Arrow keys for flying
  • left click of the mouse to select

It is one of the best shooting gameplay. Come to our site and play this game by only one click. For more games to play keep visiting our site.

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