Having good average shots is important, and it is more important for perimeter players such as Aves, Escorts or Bases. Most of these positions in basketball do not have the necessary height to make an entrance to the basket. When the defense of the opposing team is well organized and it is almost impossible for any gap to be generated. It can be used to sneak into the basket.

Making a good mid-distance throw is very important. In this way, the defense will be obliged to go out to defend you. Which will cause the spaces to be created and then you or one of your teammates can take advantage of those mistakes.



But still, having a good shot to the basket is not everything. This is just one more of the resources that basketball offers to increase the offensive tools that we have in our collection. When adding the medium distance shots to our arsenal has its advantages, the possibility that you receive is reduced. This is because when shooting from static positions the contacts with the opponent are minimal. One of the advantages is that it greatly facilitates the offensive. Therefore it allows you to save energy in case the match gets complicated.

Let’s Check with the Different positions and Their Throws:

The confidence that comes from having a good shot is very high. Knowing that you are capable of the dunk from a distance will help your percentage of success increase considerably. And not only you, but also the rest of your team will be affected by a positive way. Which will result in a team with excellent chemistry and greater offense.

Stephen Curry is a player who works very well what we talked about earlier. When he is on the court his team is able to overcome large differences of points. Most know and trust the shot that curry has, it is for this reason that when a partner sees it fully open immediately passes the ball so that he is responsible for putting those points. His teammates trust him and this fills them with confidence in important matches.

Well, if you’ve gotten here and you’ve been interested in what you’ve been reading, then pay attention to these 3 characteristics that every basketball player should know before starting to train mid-distance shots:

How to Have Balance When Making a Middle Distance Shot?

Balance is very important in basketball and more when you are going to shoot a basket. The first thing to keep in mind before starting to shoot is to have your feet well planted on the court. It does not matter if you come from a dribble or you took control of the ball in the air, before making a good shot to the basket. You need your feet are completely on the ground and pointing towards the hoop.

How to Have Balance When Making a Middle Distance Shot

Once both feet are on the ground you must raise the heels of both feet. So that the tips of the feet give you a good balance and you can jump without any problem, lean on the toes also allows you to take advantage of the strength that exercises the feet and in this way it will not be so necessary to use the strength of your arms to be able to throw the ball.

Mechanics From Shooting To Basket:

Michael Jordan once said: You can practice the shot 8 hours a day. But if the technique is wrong, you will only become someone who is good at throwing badly.

These words made me think a lot when I read them for the first time. Because I used to be just like Jordan describes the one who is good at throwing badly. Almost every day I spent a whole morning training. I ended up tired and sweating with jets (I suppose it was good cardio). But then in the matches, the result was still the same. Even though I threw my shots on the average, they did not fall. Several times I thought about giving up, until I realized that it was not about quantity, but about quality. After this all change, I’m not going to tell you that I’m like Curry or Lebron James, did not reach those dimensions. What if I say is that my shooting percentage increased a lot when working on my shooting mechanics.

Mechanics From Shooting To Basket

The correct shooting mechanics gives you 50% of the equation. In order to work correctly, you should know that your knees should be slightly bent, enough to exert the force necessary to jump a little. This will create a reaction force that will help you to push yourself and to use less force in the arms. Therefore your arms will be in charge only of giving direction to the ball reason why the shot will be more precise.

The Position of the Arms Before Pulling a Basket:

It is important to hold the ball with the tips of the fingers and not with the whole hand. This is how a shot should be started. The arm with which it is pulled must be flexed 90 ° and the other must only hold the ball. So that it does not take an incorrect direction. In short, it is: one brings the necessary strength and the other the direction.

Once in the air, the arm with which we throw should move forward taking care not to alter the angle of the elbow that brings strength to the shot. When the shot is made, the ball should be given a small effect with the fingers in such a way that the ball goes out spinning backward. This effect is known as ” Dummy “.

The Position of the Arms Before Pulling a Basket

This effect, which allows the ball to travel more stable in the air. Also means that it has more opportunities to get in if it bounces on the hoop in any part of the basket.

The Parable of the Media Shots:

The parabola of the shot is the curvature that makes the ball when it goes to the hoop. Knowing the parabola of your shot helps you gain time when you need to make a quick shot. As you know how much curvature your shot needs and you only have to focus on performing the mechanics correctly. The chances of it being a successful hoop shot will be great.

The Parable of the Media Shots

Many players throwing do what I call cannonball. In the end, this type of shots only makes it bounce on the board and move away quickly. This due to the strength it carries. If you want your shot to have a good chance you must shoot with a good parabola and always aiming above the basketball hoop.

Intellectual Coefficient in the Basketball:

This one of the least known elements in basketball, is the cause of good players do not reach the professional leagues. There are basketball players that seem to have been created for this sport, they are tall, strong, fast, etc. But nevertheless, these do not get to go beyond the local leagues. why? simply for its basketball-based IQ. They can have all the conditions to excel in this sport, but without the CI they will only be one more player.

Intellectual Coefficient in the Basketball

The Intellectual Coefficient is the ability that the player has to read the game in progress. At present, there are several players who have this element even higher. An example is Steve Nash, a short player, thin but nevertheless was able to win to your team by reading your game.

You will ask what the IC has to do with the shot. Well, it has to do everything, since this helps the good shooters to know. Where they should be placed to make a good shot. Even to know when it is time to make a shot and when it’s time to give a good pass.


Hence you have all the information regarding the shots and the throws in a basketball game. Many people don’t know these tricky shots in basketball. My main aim is to explore them to the public. Hope you all got some info on this. Feel free to ask your questions. We will try to answer your question for sure. Keep Visiting Basket Ball Legends for More Informative tutorials on Basket Ball.