Thug Racer is an online┬áracing game play game in basketball legends unblocked. It is a fantastic game where you have to control and drive the car. What’s up friend? Are you ready to do this? Get in your car and find out if you can beat the police while driving at full speed and with style around the city. Can you touch all the control points before the time runs out in this old-fashioned race game?

Thug Racer

Prepare to feel every curve and speed in your skin as you step on the accelerator through exciting circuits. Dodge other vehicles in your way and try to get caught by the police for speeding. It is one of the most interesting games to play. Invite your friends to play the game. Have fun.

Thug Racer Game controls

  • Use left arrow key to drive left
  • Use the right arrow key to drive right

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